“We’ve had more engagement because of our church app. More event sign-ups. More prayer requests. More sermons viewed. More giving. Just—more ministry because of the way it connects us.”

—Rajon Powell, IT Professional, Faith Consulate Church

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Faith Consulate Church needed an app that could connect their ministry and members

In 2019, Faith Consulate rolled out their new MinistryOne church app with the goal of connecting their church members and visitors where they are: always on their mobile devices. They wanted to engage beyond Sunday in a way that worked well for their growing membership. “Right now our focus is growth. We have a plan to increase our membership substantially [by over 1000%] within the next two years. We’re also working on an e-church for online members from everywhere. We live in a military town and people who move away want to stay connected,” explains IT Professional Rajon Powell. 

Solution: The MinistryOne Church App was built to integrate seamlessly with their church management software.


In less than a year, 80% of Faith Consolate’s membership uses the app, which integrates with their church management software, their giving, their live streaming provider (ChurchStreaming), and their Clover Sites website. “They all work so well together so that makes it really worth having,” says Powell. Since launching the app, Powell reports that people are excited to use it to connect. “They watch the sermons live and after they’ve aired. They post prayer requests. They sign up for events. And they use it A LOT for their giving.”



Faith Consulate also needed an app that made it extremely easy to give.

Faith Consulate wanted to offer an app that allowed members to give easily and securely, right from their phone, at whatever time they felt inspired. Before they began using MinistryOne, giving occurred mostly on Sundays, although members could give at any time through their website.

Solution: Introducing the MinsitryOne Church App, and putting time into teaching their congregation how to use it, has resulted in a spike in giving and now the church sees giving occurring every day of the month.

 With 80% of their church using the app, and 100% of the people using it actively giving through it, Faith Consulate has seen giving increase year over year by 130%. “Everyone that I’ve helped to set it up prefers it over anything. They love how easy it is to give through it,” says Powell.

Ready to connect your ministry with an app that members and admins will love?

“We recommend this app to churches because of the integration. It’s been a blessing to our church.”